Q: Do you offer day passes?
A: We do, they are £7.50 and allow access to all facilities including sauna and ice baths.
Q: Do I have to book the sauna?
A: Yes, you can do this at reception. Ensure you book at least an hour before your desired time to allow time for the sauna to heat. You can book on entry (as long as there is enough time before your desired time) or call up and book via the phone.
Q: Can I do a class if I’m not a member?
A: Yes, anyone can use the classes. They are priced at £5 per class, and you can book at reception or online (see below). We then require payment on the day.
Q: Can I bring my child?
A: We do offer junior day passes for ages 12-15; however, the user does need to be accompanied by someone 18+ at all times.
Q: Can I just turn up?
A: Yes, you can purchase memberships at the desk as well as online. You can find our opening times on our website. However, if you are wanting to participate in a class, we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.
Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Contact a member of the reception team regarding your cancellation. If you are an Ashbourne member (meaning you have a direct debit membership), you will need to request an email link from the Elements Team.
Q: How do I log in to the Elements app?
A: Upon joining, you will register your fingerprint at the reception desk, which then provides the receptionist with a number. This number is used to log in to the Elements app, along with the email address given to us when joining.
Q: Is there somewhere to store my bike?
A: We have recently opened a secure bike storage area, available to Elements customers only.
Q: Where can I park?
A: Please find more information regarding this on our website's parking page.
Q: How do I know if I am in a contract?
A: Not all our memberships are contracted. We do offer 6 and 12-month contract memberships; however, our standard direct debit memberships are not contracted. Please Note: there is a 30-day cancellation period on ALL direct debit memberships.
Q: How do I make a class booking if I am not a member?
A: If you are not a member, you can register for an account at this link register here. This account allows you to book classes the usual way from the "Classes" page. You may also book classes from the reception.
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