Cold Plunge (Ice Baths) in Stafford

The Ice Baths We Have

Designed for the ice bath enthusiast and professional athlete to maximize the benefits of cold water therapy. Built using quality materials with a thick rubber hardened-wall construction, the Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath has a spacious interior. The Lumi Recovery Pro is a portable design encased in a three-layer thermal insulated TPE, ensuring prolonged cold temperatures for a refreshing plunge every time.

Inflammatory And Muscle Soreness

After intense exercise, the cold immersion can provide relief to sore burning muscles. The cold immersion can also reduce inflammation in the body, beneficial for recovery.

Helps Central Nervous System


Cold plunges may improve sleep quality by promoting deeper and REM sleep.


Improve your reaction time and explosiveness in future workouts.


Managing stress and emotions becomes easier after training the mind through such an intense state.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Ice baths tone and relax your central nervous system by strengthening the vagus nerve, a major nerve linked to the parasympathetic nervous system. Improved vagus nerve function has several positive effects, Enhanced digestion, Better cognition, Improved mood, Reduced anxiety.

Precautions And Warnings Of Using Ice Baths

Limiting the duration of the plunge to no longer than 10 minutes, with as little as 30 seconds being enough to achieve benefits. Monitoring your body's response and paying close attention to signs of shivering, confusion, and loss of coordination, which are early signs of hypothermia. Exercising caution if you have cardiovascular conditions, high blood pressure, Raynaud’s disease, open wounds, or compromised immune systems.